About Us

The humble beginnings of LJM began in 1972 as a jewellery manufacturing business in Toronto, Canada, as Lily Jewellery Manufacturing Warehouse Ltd. ~ renowned in the industry for our all-in-one diamond cutting and custom jewellery manufacturing center in Toronto. The founding Isnar family built a state-of-the-art, environmentally and socially conscious facility, while reducing manufacturing costs and passing savings on to our loyal customers. 


Founders, Vahe Isnar (left) and Aram Isnar (right); Toronto Skyline 1972


But that was 1972... Back when TD South was the tallest building in Toronto and the CN tower was a project on City Hall’s desk... Now we live faster, bigger, and more complex lives.

That’s why we created LJM - jewellery which maintains the quality manufacturing heritage of our original Toronto facility while bringing it to modern times. An elegant and ethical line of jewellery, curated for modern times, representing the culmination of 40-years of manufacturing and design experience.

Lily Isnar (3rd Generation Jeweller), Toronto Skyline